When are Floodplain Permits required?

Note: Existing development constructed after being mapped in the special flood hazard area (SFHA) is required to still have a floodplain permit and is in violation of the floodplain management regulations.

Before a person starts construction on any new or substantially improved structure:

  • Place any moveable structures such as a manufactured home
  • Alter or relocate any watercourse
  • Perform any other development within SFHA, manmade change to improved or unimproved real estate, including, but not limited to:
    • Buildings or other structures
    • Dredging
    • Drilling operations
    • Excavation
    • Filing
    • Grading
    • Mining
    • Paving
    • Storage of equipment or materials
  • Excavate or remove material within 250 feet of the centerline of the Tanana Levee structure

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