When is a zoning permit required?

You are required to obtain a zoning permit before any excavation, construction, relocation, or installation is started for a new use (FNSBC 18.104.080.B).

The only exceptions to this requirement are if the property is within a General Use (GU) zoning district (and outside of a special landscape area overlay zone) or if the lot is just being cleared or graded (FNSBC 18.104.080.B.1 and 2).

If within the GU zoning district, you may still opt to submit a zoning permit to establish a starting point for a use or the construction date for a structure. This could be helpful to affirm grandfather rights in the future. Please see FNSBC 18.84.020 for other uses within the GU zoning district that require a conditional use permit.

Please note that all commercial marijuana establishments require approval via a zoning permit or conditional use permit.

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