Book A Room

The libraries offer the use of the Auditorium and Large Conference Room Noel Wien location, and Multi-purpose and Conference Room at North Pole Branch location for public meetings and programs of a non-commercial nature. There are fees for room and equipment use. Fees are listed on application form

Note: The libraries also offer study rooms that accommodate up to 10 people. There are no fees for study rooms.


Maximum Occupancy With Chairs Without Chairs
Noel Wien Library Auditorium 150 225
Noel Wien Library Conference Room 30 50
North Pole Branch Multipurpose Room 80 130
North Pole Branch Conference Room 20 40
Occupancy numbers are based on fire code restrictions and cannot be changed.  At no time shall the user group allow occupancy to exceed these numbers.  Failure to comply with this requirement will result in the immediate cancellation or closure of the event.
nwl conf rm
NWL Auditorium
NPB Conf. Rm
NPB multi purpose