Geographic Information Services (GIS)

The Fairbanks North Star Borough (FNSB) Geographic Information Services (GIS) Division is responsible for creating, editing, acquiring, analyzing and presenting multiple types of geographic data that comprise the Fairbanks North Star Borough Geographic Information System (GIS). The FNSB GIS Division provides services to the public through online map viewers and distributing GIS data. The FNSB GIS Division assists other Borough Departments with GIS projects and data management. The FNSB GIS Division does not provide software support, custom analysis, or map production services to the public.

Interactive GIS Map Viewers 

FNSB Interactive Mapping applications allow you to view maps and parcel information. The Borough Interactive GIS Map offers a wide variety of tools and information. The gallery of Single Purpose FNSB Maps offers a variety of maps focused toward specific viewing needs.

View gallery of Single Purpose FNSB Maps

Borough Interactive GIS Map

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FNSB GIS Data Resources

FNSB GIS resources are available for download with data such as addresses, streets, parcel shapefiles, Taxroll data, and more. 

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