Air Quality

 Please keep in mind a few details while using the above links:

  1. Just as temperature is shown in different scales (Fahrenheit and Celsius), air quality data has two different scales (AQI and micrograms per meter cubed). For health statements please be sure you are reading the air quality data in the AQI scale.
  2. Air Quality conditions can vary dramatically from one location to another and change more rapidly than monitor data reflects. While the monitor data and forecasts provide general guidance, conditions at specific locations should be assessed on site. (i.e. if the monitors are reading good air quality but the air is hazy and you can smell smoke take appropriate actions such as limiting prolonged exertion).
  3. While every effort is made to accurately forecast the Air Quality, it is just a forecast and prone to the same margin of error as a weather forecast.

 For any other questions please call the FNSB Air Quality Office at (907) 459-1005.

What Can I Do to Help?

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