Code Enforcement Process

The Code Enforcement Office strives for fair, consistent, timely, and transparent handling of cases and makes great effort to encourage voluntary compliance and develop reasonable solutions. The Office relies primarily on complaints from the public to identify potential violations of FNSB Codes.

Upon receipt of a complaint, Code Enforcement staff will complete a combination of the following:

  1. Open a new enforcement case or update an existing case
  2. Check Borough records (e.g. zoning, permit history and aerial photography)
  3. Attempt to establish contact with the responsible party via phone, site inspection or mail
    1. Inform the responsible party that the Borough received a complaint and request information to conduct an investigation into the complaint
  4. Conduct a site inspection
    1. Attempt to establish contact with the landowner/violator
    2. Interview property owners and/or neighbors
    3. Document any violations
  5. Pursue voluntary compliance involving any of the following:
    1. Work with the responsible party to complete corrective actions within verbal deadlines
    2. Assist the responsible party to develop written plans or commitments with definite time frames for completion and milestones for measuring progress
  6. Take formal enforcement action by any of the following:
    1. Issue Notice to Correct with required corrective actions by specific deadlines
      1. A Notice to Correct provides legal notice that a violation has been observed by Staff. It puts the owner and/or tenant of the property on notice that there is a problem and there is a set amount of time to correct the problem.
    2. Issue monetary fines/citations
      1. If efforts to achieve compliance are unsuccessful, a monetary citation may be issued.
    3. Refer the case to the FNSB Legal Department for civil action
  7. Close the case
    1. No violation exists or permits on record
    2. Corrective action successfully met
  8. Contact the complainant with the results of the case
Code Enforcement Process Flowchart