Community Research Quarterly (CRQ)

The Community Research Quarterly (CRQ) has been published since 1978 and is under the umbrella of the Community Planning Department. The CRQ presents current socio-economic data that covers:

  • Cost of living factors
  • Economic indicators
  • Employment
  • Housing
  • Population and social conditions
  • U.S. Census updates

Quarter Three (PDF)

3Q 2023 CRQ


The Quarterly provides a comparison for use within our community and State for:

  • Decision making
  • Economic development efforts
  • Grant writers
  • Investors
  • Market analysis
  • Planning
  • Policy formation

Community Research Quarterly - Site Under Construction

An online interactive version of the CRQ and update was overdue. Exciting new additions are coming and have already been added. There is now a data visualization area of the website that mirrors the CRQ publication sections on economic indicators, employment, housing, cost of living, population and social conditions. We are diligently working to get the massive amount of data indicators encompassed within the CRQ publication visualized in an easily digestible and interactive format for everyone’s use. The new CRQ website is still under construction and can be found here: